APB, together with Harbin Bank, carried out the first transaction for cash Yuan delivery from China to Russia via new supply route Harbin – Vladivostok

20 million RMB in cash was successfully delivered through the customs office of Harbin International Airport to Vladivostok. This new logistics solution for RMB cash delivery to Russia was developed together by Asian-Pacific Bank and Harbin Bank.

This is the second similar transaction where APB is the pioneer of the supply routes for the delivery of banknotes from China to Russia

The new route is the first direct air channel of cross-border cash transportation from Harbin to Russia, as well as the first route of cash transportation to Russia from Heilongjiang province.

“Direct deliveries of banknotes ensure timely support of the bank’s branch network, optimize delivery options and reduce costs, which ultimately will satisfy the growing needs of bank customers. APB will continue to develop relations with financial institutions in China due to the economic activity of our customers, as well as high interest in cooperation from Chinese partners”, commented the Chairman of the Executive Board of Asian-Pacific Bank, Sergey Avramov.

According to the head of APB, the implementation of such transactions contributes to trade and economic development and bilateral strategic cooperation.

Asian-Pacific Bank and Bank of Harbin have an excellent basis for interaction and are responsive to the issue of stimulating economic relations between two countries. Since 2015, APB has been a member of the Russian-Chinese Financial Council established by Harbin Bank from the Chinese side. APB is actively developing the Chinese direction as one of the strategic ones in the Asian market.