«Asian-Pacific Bank» (Open joint-stock company) announces completion of additional share issue

On May 5, 2014 the Bank of Russia registered the report on the results of the additional issue of ordinary shares of Asian-Pacific Bank. The nominal amount of the additional issue is RUB 23,102,365.55, and the nominal price of each share is RUB 0.000000112. All shares were placed by public subscription.

The price of each share was determined by the Board of Directors of the Bank at RUB 0.000002953 per share. More than 206,271 billion of ordinary shares were placed at this price, which allowed the Bank to raise more than RUB 609 119 ths of capital. The funds attracted will be used by the Bank to finance its current activities.

The main purchaser of the additional issue of shares was the Bank’s major shareholder – PPFIN Region LLC. As a result of placement of the additional issue, share of the company in Asian-Pacific Bank’s capital increased from 58.22% to 59.89%.