«Asian-Pacific Bank» (Open joint-stock company) summed up its 2013 financial performance under the Russian accounting standards (RAS) excluding the effect of subsequent events.

According to 102 reporting form the Bank’s net income[1] (after tax deductions) reached RUB 3,057.8 mln, which is lower than the net income for 2012 by 5.0%. Due to the growth of the loan portfolio net interest income grew by 41.2% yoy to RUB 8,990.5 mln. Net fee and commission income of Asian-Pacific Bank grew 31.3% yoy and reached RUB 3,305.1 mln.

The main reason for decline in the net income is 153.9% growth of impairment losses: RUB 4,368.6 mln in 2013 compared to RUB 1,720.3 mln in 2012.

As a result of decline of the net income and outstripping growth of the Bank’s balance sheet items return on average equity in 2013 decreased to 25.0% from 35.9% in 2012, return on average assets is 3.0% (4.4% in 2012). Efficiency ratio (Cost-to-Income) is 36.0% which is lower than in 2012 by 1.4 percentage points.

According to preliminary financial results from 101 reporting form under RAS the Bank’s assets increased by 29.8% ytd and reached RUB 114,462.1 mln.

Loan portfolio before impairment provisions increased by 41.3% ytd and amounted to RUB 85,344.2 mln. Retail loan portfolio amounting 66.6% of the total loan portfolio increased by 41.5% ytd to RUB 56,814.3 mln, while portfolio of loans to legal entities and individual entrepreneurs increased by 40.8% ytd to RUB 28,529.9 mln.

The amount of deposits by legal entities and individual entrepreneurs reached RUB 31,971.3 mln, exceeding the previous year results by 35.8%, the amount of deposits by individuals increased by 16.8% ytd to RUB 49,304.1 mln.

Total amount due to banks increased by 24.2% for the year and totaled RUB 5 865.5 mln. During the year Asian-Pacific Bank actively developed its cooperation with credit and development institutions: in February, APB and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development signed a loan facility agreement for the total amount of RUB 1,050.0 mln for financing of SMEs and energy efficiency projects; in the course of 2013 APB signed several agreements with SME Bank for the latter to provide financing for the total amount of RUB 1,525.0 mln for the projects on SME financing.

In addition to the bonds series 01 for the total amount of RUB 1.5 bln in February 2013 APB placed its 3-year RUB 3 bln exchange-traded bonds series BO-01 with a coupon rate of 10.4% per annum. The total volume of debt securities issued amounting 4.6% of the Bank’s liabilities increased by 95.0% during 2013 and reached RUB 4,629.5 mln.

In 2013 Asian-Pacific Bank actively developed its business infrastructure: 44 new business offices were opened, including in new 33 localities in the Far East and Siberia. Overall network of Asian-Pacific Bank as of January 1, 2014 includes 316 offices, 366 ATMs and 174 payment terminals in 160 settlements in the territory of the Russian Federation.

The Bank’s equity totaled RUB 13,828.9 mln as for January 1, 2014 (29.9% growth ytd). RAS capital adequacy ratio (N1) is 12.5%.

[1] Hereinafter the effect of subsequent events is included in the numbers as of January 1, 2013 and year 2012 but excluded from the numbers as of January 1, 2014 and year 2013.