Sergey Avramov was appointed as the Chairman of the Executive Board at Asian-Pacific Bank

Sergey Avramov held a position of the Head of Provisional Administration of the bank

LLC Fund of Banking Sector Consolidation Asset Management Company (FBSC AMC Ltd) functioned as provisional administration on managing Asian-Pacific Bank PJSC has completed operations and permanent management bodies were formed in Asian-Pacific Bank PJSC.

Sergey Avramov commented: “APB is systemically important bank, one of the largest in the Far East and Siberia. A lot of work being done within a year on improvement of business processes, new technologies which were already introduced to our clients, and we see the first serious results of the activity. There are ambitious plans to improve APB positions in the financial markets and also to offer high-quality services to our corporate and retail clients. For this purpose the team of professionals, whose knowledge and experience will result in desirable results, is formed”.